State Treasurer Ken Simpler announces the launch of Delaware’s ABLE Plan. Similar to a college savings plan DEPENDABLE is a 529(a) tax-deferred savings account that can be used to pay for many daily, disability-related expenses. Click here to open an account or for More Info logo

Kenneth A. Simpler
State Treasurer

First in Finance

Our office honors Delaware's rich history in finance by fostering fiscally sound practices — transparency, accountability and certainty — in all that we do.

Ken Simpler, State Treasurer

Quarterly Message from the Treasurer

Epic fiscal reforms of the late 1970s enabled Delaware to dig out of a deep financial hole and ushered in a generation of prosperity for our State and its citizens. Four decades on, our framework is showing its age. Last year, our policymakers engaged a team of “financial engineers” to inspect the foundation of our fiscal house and let us know: is it still sound, and can it be more serviceable for the next forty years? The engineering study is back, and the blueprint for our renovation is strong. Read my most recent newsletter below to find out what our fiscal experts are recommending. The next generation is counting on us to listen and act.

Delaware's Money

The Office of the State Treasurer provides strategic leadership on the State's investments, banking services and debt management programs. These programs are designed to optimize the State's cash flow, provide the necessary liquidity to meet daily obligations, ensure proper investment of remaining funds, safeguard all funds on deposit, and promote sound borrowing practices. The office upholds the implementation of best practices and long term sustainability for each program by selecting and building strong partnerships with world class providers.

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Investments Information


Oversees the management of the State’s general, special and school fund investment portfolios totaling about $1.6 billion. Portfolio performance and historical trends are reported annually.
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Banking Information


Responsible for the design and implementation of the State’s banking structure, including the infrastructure for secure information exchange and transaction processing.
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Debt Information


In collaboration with the Department of Finance, this unit manages debt obligations that support capital projects throughout the state. Outstanding obligations and credit ratings are reported annually.
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Your Money

The Office of the State Treasurer administers the State of Delaware's Retirement Savings Plans for state employees and education professionals and has oversight for the administration of Delaware’s 529 College Savings Plan and the development and implementation of Delaware’s ABLE plan, a program for persons with disabilities. All of these plans are tax-advantaged, voluntary savings vehicles that do not involve state monies and do not require minimum contributions, while providing flexible investment choices and easy enrollment processes.

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Retirement Savings Plan, DEfer logo

Retirement Savings Plan

Voluntary savings are an important step toward living out a financially secure future. Pension and Social Security payments may not be enough to meet your needs in retirement.
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College Investment Plan logo

College Investment Plan

It is never too late to start saving for college. While an earlier start is better, starting when your child is older still provides tax and asset growth benefits needed to reach higher education goals.
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ABLE Program

ABLE accounts secure supplement funding for disability related expenses on behalf of designated beneficiaries with disabilities without affecting public benefits currently available.
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