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About the Plan

There is no limit to what individuals with disabilities can do. Now, that includes saving, too. The State of Delaware offers a low cost 529(a) savings plan – DEPENDABLE – that allows individuals with disabilities and their families to save for a broad range of expenses on a tax-advantaged basis without jeopardizing their benefits from supplemental security income (SSI), Medicaid and other federal programs. Eligible individuals can open an account for themselves, or an authorized individual can open an account on their behalf.

Plan Benefits

Special Tax Advantages

  • Earnings on your investments are federally tax-deferred, maximizing your return.
  • Withdrawals are federally tax-free, if used for qualified expenses.

No Impact on Current Benefits

  • Balances under $100,000 are excluded from the SSI resource limit.
  • You’ll continue to be eligible for Medicaid, regardless of your account balance.


  • Open an account online with as little as $25.
  • Access your account by phone or online 24/7 from a PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Select the checking option to easily access your funds via a debit card.
  • With the easy-to-use Ugift feature, anyone can contribute to your account.

Expenditures for non-qualified expenditures will be penalized (tax and potential SSI penalties).



Plan Benefits

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For questions regarding the Delaware DEPENDABLE Plan, click here to contact us.

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