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Delaware Available Income Calculator

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Welcome to the Delaware Available Income Calculator. This tool can simulate your available income and set a benchmark for your expenses, increasing your financial stability by providing information on how much available income you have to save or spend in a two-week period after necessities are paid for. Learn more about how to use this tool.

Note: When utilizing the tool, enter whole numbers, then press ‘tab’. Pressing ‘enter’ may clear the tool. Avoid entering non-numerical type such as “$” or “,” as this may also clear the tool.

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Please note: The calculator was developed by our internal team using data from the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey for the Northeast region, and Delaware-specific information on calculating withholdings for payroll by the IRS and Delaware Division of Revenue. Therefore, the calculator may not necessarily tabulate available income for residents of other states.

OST provides this calculator to help Delaware residents quickly assess their bi-weekly income and expenses as part of broader budgeting and planning processes. This calculator does not capture all potential expenses and is provided for educational purposes only. Users should not rely on the calculator to formulate budgets or financial plans. OST is not providing professional financial advice by making the calculator available to the public. Individuals concerned about household budgets and/or financial circumstances are encouraged to reach out to certified financial professionals.

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