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Colleen C. Davis
State Treasurer


Delaware is evolving its payment interface for residents and visitors, replacing legacy web payment systems such as Govolotion with Phase 1 of Go DE, Delaware’s Digital Government portal for residents and visitors.

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Go DE will be a single integrated touchpoint fronted by the Go DE Payment Engine. This new interface is being implemented by a single configurable SnapPayTM integration from Fiserv. Through the Go DE portal, users will be able to make trusted web payments in an industry leading manner that is secure, responsive, and accessible. This is in keeping with the State of Delaware’s shift from agency-centered and managed services to an enterprise-wide, people-centered Digital Government services platform that will evolve over the next few years.

The Go DE roadmap includes support for both an anonymous payment engine (i.e. what is essentially the legacy Govolution method) and an authenticated and therefore more secure customer experience by allowing residents and visitors (constituents/customers) to register and authenticate via the Delaware Identity service by creating a secure My Delaware identity. When utilizing their trusted identity, users can monitor and view all their transactions enabled by Go DE.

Functionality / Benefits

• Easy integration with Delaware agency applications to clear payments

• Integrated with account: Single sign-on to make payments

• Mobile friendly easy checkout

• Credit Card & ACH Payment Options. More payment options appear seamless when enabled by SnapPayTM

• Constituent’s Personal Wallet to make quick payments

• Constituent’s Address Book management

• Email & SMS payment notifications/receipts

• English/Spanish language support

• Providing transaction/payment history


Agency benefits include:

1. Shared best-in-class payment interface that is secure and accessible for end users reducing payment-related support calls.

2. Scalable, modern and road-mapped payment and customer experience platform that provides administrative efficiency and technological standardization around tasks that are universal to digital governments and online businesses in general.

3. Seamless deployment of new features available from SnapPayTM to the payment interface via configuration instead of relying on ad-hoc integration efforts for each agency.

4. Dedicated support team to manage payment and business process migration/creation.

5. Self-service configuration of many payments via an administrative interface, enabling agencies to build process flows onsite, connect existing forms and applications, and the ability to request payments ad hoc via customer invoicing.

6. High level transaction reporting of payments made via an administrative interface
Enables a more secure and frictionless payment and portal experience through Delaware Identity Service (My Delaware).

Receive Payments

Shared Payment Services Vision
The Go DE Payment Platform (”Payments Engine”) is a transformative solution that enables constituents to make payments to the correct agency quickly, easily, securely and in a standardized manner. It’s a comprehensive payment platform that integrates various payment channels and methods, making it convenient for constituents to pay for government services and fees utilizing a common human centered experience.

The payment engine is designed to enhance user experience, improve government revenue collection, and reduce administrative, integration, and migrations costs. The platform enables residents and visitors to make payments for a growing number of government services.

The following features and capabilities are long term goals of Delaware Payment Engine:

1. Seamless integration with government services: The payment platform will be seamlessly integrated with various government agency services, enabling constituents to make payments directly from the service portal.

2. Simplify application and transaction processing as applications can migrate application flow to the platform if desired or agencies can continue to host their own flows and provide payment with the engine via integration services much as they have done with the existing Govolution payment platform.

3. Supports multiple payment channels and methods: The payment platform will support multiple payment channels and methods, including debit cards, credit cards, ACH, and digital wallets. This will provide customers with a range of payment options that make it convenient for them to pay for government services in the manner to which they are accustomed.

4. Leverages best-in-class checkout experiences that are known to customers including a consistent progress-oriented experience.

5. Provides an accessible checkout experience meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (”WCAG”) 2.1 standards.

6. Offers multi-lingual checkout options in English / Spanish.

7. Enables secure / PCI compliant payment processing: The payment platform is built robust security features to ensure that transactions are PCI compliant as well as secure and safe. It will comply with all relevant security standards and protocols to protect customer financial information.

8. Sends payment notifications to customer configurable channels: The payment platform provides customers with payment notifications and status updates, enabling them to track their transactions from a variety of Delaware State agencies.

9. Provides analytics and reporting: The payment platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting that’s enables both government agencies and constituents to monitor payment trends, identify payment patterns, and optimize payment processing.

10. Provides the state with an enterprise-wide, standardized payment façade that abstracts away the payment vendor so that each agency integrates in a standard repeatable way which makes migrating to new vendors a breeze should the need ever arise.

The Delaware Payment Platform is envisioned as a game-changing solution that enhances customer experience and improves government revenue collection.

Read more about the Go DE project.