Colleen C. Davis
State Treasurer

Services and Materials

The Treasurer’s Office is a working partner with other agencies within the State of Delaware.  Partner agencies can find valuable resources below.

I need assistance with…

Accepting Credit, Debit, Over-the-Counter or ACH Payments
We can assist in guiding new merchants in the configuration and establishment of their payment platforms and processes, as well as assist existing merchants in improving their payment platforms.  Click here for more info.

Payment Security Requirements (PCI-DSS)
We can assist with these annual security requirements, which include ongoing training, policy development and practice, and the completion of a questionnaire each year.  Click here for more info.


Bond Interest Rates

State Fiscal Year Bond Interest Rate BAN Interest Rate
2024 TBD 3.37%
2023 3.37% 2.28%
2022 2.28% 2.12%
2021 2.12% 2.88%
2020 2.88% 3.21%
2019 3.21% 3.05%
2018 3.05% 2.70%
2017 2.70% 2.82%

For Payroll Stop Payment Reissue Requests, follow these 3 steps:

    1. Download and complete the Payroll Stop Payment Reissue Request – PDF or Word document
    2. Email the completed Payroll Stop Payment Reissue Request document to
    3. The Subject line of the email MUST BE:  Payroll Stop Payment Reissue Request