Act Now: HB 460 seeks constitutional amendments to reform forty-year old fiscal practices and policies. Failure to take up the legislation in the current session would delay any potential reform until 2021 or later --the time to act is now! Click here for More Info logo

Kenneth A. Simpler
State Treasurer

HB 460: Blueprint for a Bargain


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Epic fiscal reforms of the late 1970s enabled Delaware to dig out of a deep financial hole and ushered in a generation of prosperity for our State and its citizens. Four decades on, our framework is showing its age.

Last year, our policymakers engaged a team of “financial engineers” to inspect the foundation of our fiscal house and let us know: is it still sound, and can it be more serviceable for the next forty years? The engineering study is back, and the blueprint for our renovation is strong.

Read my most recent newsletter to find out what our fiscal experts are recommending. The next generation is counting on us to listen and act.

Read Blueprint for a Bargain: Let’s Listen and Act  (text only).

View the PDF Version
View the PDF Version