State Treasurer Ken Simpler announces the launch of Delaware’s ABLE Plan. Similar to a college savings plan DEPENDABLE is a 529(a) tax-deferred savings account that can be used to pay for many daily, disability-related expenses. Click here to open an account or for More Info logo

Kenneth A. Simpler
State Treasurer

About Kenneth Simpler


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About Ken

Ken Simpler was elected Delaware State Treasurer on November 4, 2014, and took the oath of office on January 6, 2015. During his first term as State Treasurer, Ken has applied his 20-year career as a finance professional to focus on some of Delaware’s core fiscal operations:

  • improving the return on investment of our $2 billion cash portfolio
  • re-architecting the banking services through which our $10 billion in annual spending flows
  • examining the feasibility of our $2 billion in outstanding debt
  • overhauling the State Employees $1 billion defined contribution plans

In addition, Ken has provided leadership to the committees and councils on which he serves: determining State revenues, designing employee healthcare offerings, preserving agricultural lands and providing capital spending for fire companies.

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As an independently elected official, Treasurer Simpler:

  • Safeguards the State’s fiscal health
  • Promotes fiscal health and a sound budget
  • Serves as an investment advisor to and custodian of the State’s assets


Ken’s Principles:

  • Certainty: Addressing large-scale and long-term problems responsibly (and timely)
  • Transparency: Communicating openly and transparently
  • Accountability: Fostering a performance-driven and performance-measured culture


The Treasurer’s Role:

Ken sits on various boards from the Plans Management Board to DEFAC. Please choose a board below to learn more information about the various boards and minutes.


Ken is active in national organizations that have an impact on issues in Delaware.


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