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IMPORTANT UPDATES for the State of Delaware Deferred Compensation Plans!


Are you a State of Delaware employee or educator looking for ways to better prepare for your retirement? The Office of State Treasurer invites you to learn more about DEFER - the Delaware Retirement Savings Plan.

Participation in the Deferred Compensation Plan allows you to "defer", or delay, receiving a portion of your income until a later date; generally when you retire. The primary purpose of the Deferred Compensation Plan is to help you save and invest a sum of money, helping to supplement your retirement income.

If you are a pension eligible State of Delaware employee, click 457(b) Plan to find out more about saving for your retirement on a pre-tax or after-tax basis.

Are you a teacher? In addition to the 457 (b) Plan, check out the 403(b) TSA Plan and find out how you can participate and take advantage of both Plans.

Explore our website to find out more about investment options, plan information, financial education, and savings calculators.

Get started on your voyage toward retirement today.

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