Treasury Employees

The principal responsibility of the Office of the State Treasurer is the collection, disbursement and investment of monies for the State of Delaware.

The Treasurer's Office is organized functionally into three divisions as follows:

Strategy and Administration
This division is responsible for the Office's strategic planning, communications and outreach, budgeting, personnel management and information technology. The Administration team also supports the Treasurer's service on a variety of public boards and councils and liaises with other branches and agencies of government.

Investments and Cash Management
This division oversees the investment of both taxpayer and state employee monies by outside banks and money managers and provides banking and cash management services for state agencies and other government institutions. This division is also accountable for setting daily cash positions and servicing and providing accounting for the State's outstanding debt.

Receipts and Disbursements
This division manages cash flows for the State of Delaware and reconciles the State's general collection and disbursement accounts. Primary responsibilities include processing and verifying receipts, printing and distributing physical checks and effecting electronic payments and managing refunds and reissues of payments.